View or change your account plan.

The plan page (found under 'Settings') in the ZAP~APP allows you to view your current plan type as well as upgrade. downgrade and cancel your plan.

It includes how many ZAPs are remaining on your account, how many credits have been issued, and any extra ZAPs that have been used over your initial sign-up limit.


To upgrade or downgrade your plan, click on 'Change Plan' and select the new plan you wish to change to, you'll have the option to change to a monthly or annual plan.

Once you've selected your new plan, you'll see a confirmation pop up to confirm your changes. When downgrading your plan, this will happen on your plans renewal date. When upgrading your plan, you have the option to upgrade now or upgrade on your next renewal date.

Once you've chosen to either downgrade your plan or upgrade it on the next renewal date, you'll then have the option to cancel your changes.

To cancel your changes, go ahead and click 'Cancel Upgrade'.


To cancel your plan entirely, click on 'Cancel Plan', you'll see a pop up confirmation asking if you wish to proceed, plan cancellations always happen on your next renewal date.

When cancelling your plan, you'll still have full access to the ZAP~APP as well as any remaining ZAP Allowance and Cleanse Credits. If you cancel your plan and change your mind, reach out to us and we'll back you back on track.

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