Artwork and Content

Colour profiles

You should upload artwork output to CMYK, not RGB as this is a print campaign. Remember, your computer screen is RGB, so the colours will look different when you upload to the content portal but don't worry - the printed output will match your CMYK images.

Preferred file type

The Content Portal accepts .JPG and .PNG. Our advice is to use .JPG for images and .PNG where the image is mainly text.

Max file size you can accept?

Each image must be not more than 5mb. You can upload multiple images per side or panel.

Can I use my own Fonts?

Yes, upload any fonts you have permission or licence to use as long as they are .ttf and .otf formats.

What do you mean by 'print-ready artwork'?

ZAP~POST takes care of everything to do with printing - the only thing you need to make sure of is that the images are full bleed - in other words, they cover the white image canvas entirely, if that is your design intention.

Can you offer Design assistance?

Yes, we have in-house design services at ZAP~POST - use the chat window, or drop an email to to find out more. You can buy Design time in 2, 5 or 10 hour chunks.

A 3rd party agency does my artwork - can they send it to you directly?

You can add your agency as a user so they can upload directly to the Design tool in the app. That way you and your agency can work collaboratively to create the results you want, first time.

Can you give me some inspiration and examples?

ZAP~POST has seen all kinds of campaigns and the craziest artwork deliver some really stellar results. The Zap team can definitely guide you but you know your brand better than we ever will. See some past campaigns and their Return on Investment in impact stories. If you'd like a pack of samples, let us know and will zap them over to you.

What do other brands do with QR codes?

QR codes are your fabulously flexible friend :) . A top tip is 'go deep, or go home'. A QR can be dynamically created to create a personalised experience for each recipient. QR code best uses in a Zap include linking straight to a customer's basket, wish list, email subscribe page and a personalised page of product recommendations.

Can I add my branding to the design of my Zaps?

Logos, images, text, custom fields and trackable codes; all this and more can be part of your designs. It’s also easy to create your Zaps for each campaign with our intuitive drag & drop editor.

I don’t know what to put on my Zap?

The most effective Zaps have a clear call to action (CTA) and use good branded imagery and messaging. Check this article on Effective Content in the Academy. To get inspired, have a look at what our other clients have been doing with their Zaps.

What do other brands do with discount codes?

If you want to keep things simple, Zap advice is to generate a one time, single use code with an expiry date no more than 30 days from the intended send date. Discounts can be either Percentage off, or an absolute value, on a minimum spend. Both work. If you're unsure which works best, the easy answer is to test both, and see which one is the winner - split testing is easy - start a chat session to down below to find out how.

Can I make QR Codes personal to each customer or do they have to be generic?

If ZAP~POST had a middle name, it would be 'Personalisation'. Our strong advice is every recipient of every campaign should receive a personalised Zap. Honestly, if its just generic one-size-fits-all content, you can get it done cheaper elsewhere, but don't expect the same level of results.

Can you help me create the QR codes?

Unique QR Code generation is part and parcel, out-of-the-box functionality. Select the QR code, add variables, and add tracking too, so you have a dynamically created, personalised and trackable QR code for every Recipient. If you need help setting it up, hit the chat button below, or drop an email to

Will I receive a proof to approve?

You can download a proof of every campaign at any point. Once downloaded, you can print it locally on any device. If you want a printer's proof from ZAP~POST, you can request one, but of course it will delay your campaign going live. We recommend adding yourself and one or two colleagues as 'seeds' in your recipient data so you get the actual printed version through your own letterbox.

I don't want to send a postcard - is that all you do?

No, we offer four templates; The original Zap IMPACT postcard, a Zap SQUARE postcard, a Zap Fold which is an A4 letter, folded and sealed plus a Zap Secure, for total content privacy. See all Direct Mail Templates.

Do you track QR codes scans or do we?

Yes! QR codes in ZAP~POST are automatically set to trackable. We can provide insights into which of your customers are scanning the codes and when.

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