Take control of your inbox by selecting or deselecting the emails you want to receive.

Notifications (found under 'Settings') allows you to make changes to your notification preferences within this dedicated page.

See below for a list of available emails with a brief description of each one.


  • Data Submission - Confirmation of a submission upload whether that's via the app or API

  • Invited User - When a new user is added to your account

  • Campaign Creation - Confirmation a campaign has been successfully created

  • Cleansed Data - Confirmation when your records have been cleansed

  • Publish Confirmation - Confirmation of a successful design publish


  • Feedback Requests (Publisher) - Request for feedback when a design is published

  • Feedback Requests (Campaigns) - Request for feedback when a campaign is created

  • Notice of Upcoming Renewal - Reminder that you ZAP Plan is due for renewal

  • Inactivity Reminder - Reminder when there has been no activity on your ZAP account

  • Publish Reminder - Reminder that a design has been saved but not published


  • Mailing Updates - Update informing you that your ZAPs have gone to print

  • Changelog Updates - News on when new exciting features are released to the ZAP app

  • Summary Email - A weekly email highlight the summary for that week, including sent and returned ZAPs

Required Emails (opt-in essential)

  • Plan Cancellation - A confirmation that you've opted to cancel your ZAP Plan

  • Change of Plan - A confirmation that you've either upgraded or downgraded your ZAP Plan

To enable or disable emails, simply check the box next to the relevant email and click save changes.

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