What if our data is really old and out of date?

There's one way to find out. Submit a csv (you can download the template from the 'Campaign' page). We'll do three checks on it and give you the results. If its over 60% undeliverable, ZAP~POST will respectfully suggest your data is not worth spending any money on. If its anything better than that, the campaign will proceed and you'll just get Zap credits for those that are undeliverable. (See Zap Credits).

How far back should we go for Lapsed customers?

The more recent the better. As the data gets older, you'll find more of your database has moved on, in one way or another. We wouldn't want to put a number on it, because it depends on too many factors as to how far back you should go. The answer is to test it. Split your segments up into lapsed age bands and do one campaign at a time. Test, test and test again, just like you will do with your email campaigns.

How long is too long for targeting a Lapsed Customer segment ?

The answer depends on your Customer demographic. If your target Customers are Gen Z, we'd suggest 2 years would be your max. If Silver Surfers are more your bag, a lapsed customer campaign up to 5 years has been done before. The good news is ZAP~POST allows you to test these segments in small doses, so you'll know the answer without exposing yourselves to too much risk.

How do you clean my Data?

ZAP~POST has partnered with the best in the business to provide you with the cleanest data sets possible. There are actually three levels of process to deliver a fully cleansed data set:

1) Filtering and validation, 2) PAF (Post Code Address File) checks, to remove any unrecognisable and undeliverable addresses and 3) Deceased and gone away checks, comparing against multiple databases.

Do I get the clean data back?

Yes. And no. ZAP~POST will enable you to download the records that failed simple validation. Same goes for addresses that were rejected in the PAF process - you can download those records too. Recipients who have moved or gone away, they cannot be shared, unless you have opted for advanced data cleansing (the difference between "Surpress" and "Flag").

Other mailing houses charge me to clean my data - how come you don't?

ZAP~POST ethos is to make Automated or Programmatic Direct Mail really simple. Everything is built into your Zap pricing, including Data cleaning. Zap data cleaning happens as standard for every recipient, and there's a Zap credit system for those that are rejected and removed. Search Zap Credits for more information.

Do I have to send it in a CSV?

CSV data is the most reliable method of sending data in a file format. Ultimately, your Zap campaigns are powered by your Ecommerce or CRM / CDP tools and they should be connected to ZAP~POST via API. The easiest way to connect to ZAP~POST is via, or there are other tools available on and

How do you protect my data?

ZAP~POST is ISO 27001 accredited. Your recipient data is transferred and 'at rest' fully encrypted. By default, all recipient data is anonymised after 180 days.

How long do you keep our customer data for?

Default data retention period is 180 days post send, after which time all recipient data is anonymised. You can change the default in account settings any time.

What if I don't want my data cleansed?

If your data is 'clean', that's great. It won't hurt to run it through the Zap machine, and it will not cost you a bean, or a Zap. By default though, every recipient record gets put through the mill to ensure highest possible deliverability which means you get the highest possible conversion.

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