This page is intended to break down and ZAP~POST Specific language or direct mail jargon to help users understand the different services and processes that make up the product



A feature that automatically saves a user's work at regular intervals.

Bleed Area

An area that extends 3mm from the solid black trime line.


A ZAP~POST Campaign is made up of a name, fields, paper stock, content and submissions. It can be reused multiple times for multiple Direct Mail Sends

Campaign Template

Allows a user to create their own campaign template rather than using a default option


A company or organisation using the services of ZAP~POST

Client Admin

A person with enhanced permissions within a company or organisation using the ZAP~APP

Client User

A person within a company or organisation using the ZAP~APP

Copy Fitting

Adjusting the length of text to fit within a predefned space.

Custom Field

A user defined field within a ZAP campaign adhering to a users specific needs.

Data Cleanse

A process of detecting and correcting (or removing) corrupt or inaccurate records


Cleansing that checks the recipient against a database to identify someone that has died

Direct Mail

Direct Mail is commercial literature sent to existing or prospective customers through the post.

Field Mapping

The process of linking data fields to a Campaign Template field.

Fold Lines

The line on which foldable paper stocks are folded.


Cleansing that checks addresses against a database to identify end users that have moved and no longer live at the address


Insights provide meaningful patterns or trends for sent campaigns.

Internal Admin / ZAP Admin

An employee within ZAP~POST with access to the ZAP~APP


Shows the area in which content can be placed.

Mail Sort

Refers to the methods by which postal systems determine how and where to route mail for delivery

MFA (Multifactor Authentication)

An authentication system that requires more than one distinct authentication factor for successful authentication.

Paper Stock

The size of paper used when printing ZAPs

Postage Area

The postage area is an area locked for editing that contains the recipients address and mail sorting information.

Print Partner

A relationship with a trusted company that can print and mail your ZAPs


The process of reviewing and correcting a design.


The process of signing off a design ready for print.

Returned ZAPs

ZAPs that have been returned by the receiver or Royal Mail

Safety Line

An area in which anything inside is guaranteed to be printed.

Scheduled Send

A future date in which a clients campaign is due to be mailed


As a part of an advertising direct mail send there are a number of extra recipients added into the data. These extra recipients are known as ‘seeds’. These recipients are added for a number of different reasons: quality assurance, meeting mailing provider specifications, and to track delivery dates.


A submission is a collection of records that is submitted against a campaign. The submission will contain data specific to the campaign and will be paired with a Scheduled Send. If the records are Data Cleansed and Mail Sorted successfully they'll go into the Scheduled Send as intended.

Submission Records

A submission record contains the data for an individual the client is targeting for a direct mail campaign

Trim Line

The line on which the paper stock is cut once printed.


Umbraco is an open-source content management system (CMS) that allows you to build responsive websites and data-driven apps which can be accessed from any device or browser.


A data type can could be different for each recipient.


A single piece of direct mail send via ZAP~POST to an individual

ZAP Credits

The currency used within the ZAPP to manage sends and refunds

ZAP Overage

Allows a client to send more ZAPs than their plan originally allowed


The ZAP~POST API or ZAPI is the public facing API which can be used to provide automated submissions to the ZAP~POST platform.


The ZAP~POST Web App or 'ZAPP' is the app that provides most of the ZAP~POST functionality. This is the application that allows users to sign up to the platform, manage their campaigns, content and submissions.


ZAP~POST Is an automated Direct Mail Platform intended to provide clients with the ability to send programmatically driven direct mail campaigns composed of bespoke content for each of their customers

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