Dynamic Images

Dynamic images in ZAP~POST allow you to further personalise your direct mail by having unique images on each ZAP.

To get started, follow these steps:

Campaign Creation

In order to include dynamic images on a design, you'll need to create a new campaign and add a custom field to your template, for more help on this see our campaigns guide.

When adding a custom field, you need to ensure the below fields are completed, for more help on creating custom fields, see our custom fields guide.



The name of the field. This will be shown in CSV templates as column headers.


This will identify the use of the field to users submitting via CSV. The CSV template will contain the description below each column header.


If a value must be included for the field.


This will be used in the design to identify the field so that it can be replaced for submitted data.

Data Type

This must be set to URL


Adding a dynamic image to your design couldn't be easier, choose 'Dynamic Image' from the widget toolbar.

By selecting 'Dynamic Image' a placeholder will automatically be added to the canvas. Once on the canvas you can treat it as any other image by moving and resizing as desired.

When clicking on the placeholder, you'll see the management area. Here you need to click on the 'Custom Field' drop down and select the field you would like the image to be mapped to.

The custom field name will be the same name you gave the field during the campaign creation.

Using the management area, you can adjust the exact width and height of the placeholder.

When adding a dynamic image, auto save will temporarily be disabled until a custom field has been selected.


You can proof and publish your designs if you have included a dynamic image. When going through the proofing or publishing journey, you have the option to create a proof with your own data or existing sample data, for more help on proofing, follow our proofing guide.

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