This document is intended to serve as a guide for integrating Emarsys into ZAP~POST

Summary functionality:

  • Collect recipient data from Emarsys segments.

  • Set the frequency of data collection.

  • Map to ZAP~POST Campaign.

  • Map any custom fields you have set up in the ZAP~POST Campaign.

  • Emarsys Contacts are updated to record recipients who have/have not received a ZAP.

  • Any returns (undeliverables) are updated on Emarsys on a daily basis.

Integration to Emarsys is directly available from your ZAP~POST account, once signed in.

When a campaign is created, connect Recipient data via “Data Sources” from within the app, you will be directed to the integration page where there are Emarsys templates to choose from.

From within the app, connect to Emarsys with your usual credentials and navigate to the Emarsys Customer or Contact segments and connect to each of the ZAP~POST campaigns as required. You have tools to set the frequency of upload (we recommend once per day).

Set up is self-service whilst ZAP~POST’s “Tech-Sherpas” will assist and manage the set up where required, at no additional cost.

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